London Chemicals & Resources Limited (LCR) is involved with two distinct but related areas. We provide customised recycling solutions to the generators of spent catalysts and other metal containing secondaries. These secondaries are recycled and used to produce various grades of metal salts and alloys which are distributed to customers worldwide.

LCR aims to offer commercially competitive recycling options with emphasis on environmentally sound management including assistance with notification procedures where necessary. We are partnered with fully licenced recycling facilities in Europe and the Far East.

The spent catalysts are recycled and used to produce high quality metal salts for final applications including new catalyst manufacture, pigments and CO2 removal processes.

LCR also handles many types and forms of other non-ferrous secondaries including, fines, slags, residues, sludges, ashes etc. containing: Co, Cu, Mo, Ni, V, W, Zn.

LCR’s services include advice on packaging and current environmental legislation, transportation according to the latest regulations, processing at our own and third party facilities, arrangement of weighing and sampling, recycling at fully approved plants and issuance of Certificates of Recycling/Consumption where required.