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London Chemicals & Resources Limited (LCR) is proud to represent RS Bruce in relation to the recovery of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from Nitric Acid plants and all things related to PGM scrap.

PGM Scrap, also known as Platinum Group Metals Scrap, is a valuable resource that comes from the recycling of various industrial materials such as catalytic converters, electronic components, and jewellery. These scraps contain a mixture of precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, and osmium.

Uses of PGM Scrap

PGM Scrap has a wide range of applications in various industries such as:


PGM Scrap is used in the production of catalytic converters, which help reduce harmful emissions from automobiles. These converters contain a mixture of platinum, palladium, and rhodium that act as catalysts to convert toxic gases into less harmful ones.


PGM Scrap is used in the production of electronic components such as hard disk drives, LCD screens, and mobile phones. These components contain a small amount of precious metals that help improve their performance and durability.


PGM Scrap is used in the production of various chemicals such as nitric acid, which is used in the manufacturing of fertilizers, explosives, and dyes. These chemicals require a small amount of platinum to act as a catalyst in the production process.

Disposal Methods of PGM Scrap

PGM Scrap should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. This can be done through:

Recovery and Recycling

PGM Scrap can be recovered and recycled to extract the precious metals it contains. This process involves breaking down the scrap into its component parts and extracting the valuable metals using various techniques such as smelting, refining, and electroplating.


PGM Scrap can also be disposed of in a landfill, but this method is not environmentally friendly as it can lead to pollution and contamination of the soil and water.


PGM Scrap can be incinerated to recover the energy it contains, but this method is not recommended as it can release harmful gases and pollutants into the atmosphere.

RS Bruce is the world’s leading specialist in recovering PGMs from Nitric Acid and other chemical plants. With over 35 years of experience and more than 700 successful clean downs completed, RS Bruce has to date recovered over USD2 bn worth of Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium from clients’ plants.

RS Bruce offers both non-destructive and destructive clean downs of Nitric Acid plants. Non-destructive clean downs of operational plants use mild chemicals and non-aggressive techniques, specially developed by RS Bruce and extensively tested to ensure safe yet optimal recovery of lost PGMs. Non-destructive clean downs usually take place during scheduled maintenance shutdowns in order to avoid disruption to clients’ production schedules. Clients benefit from an RS Bruce clean down not only by recovering lost PGMs but also through improved heat exchange efficiency.

Destructive cleaning of decommissioned plant components is also offered. This can recover 100% of PGMs retained within those components.

RS Bruce uses a wide range of technologies and equipment to recover metals including Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Iridium, Ruthenium, Gold, Silver, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Titanium, Nickel and Copper from a variety of industrial residues such as Process Residues, Sludges, Filter Cakes, Filter Media, Activated Carbon, Diatomaceous Earth & Ion Exchange Resins, Filter Cartridges and Papers, Cathode Plates, Gauzes, PGM Coated Mesh, Shot Blast Wastes and Overspray from PGM Coating, Turbine Blades and Vanes, PPE & Workwear, Lab Smalls, Samples, Filter Papers, Filter Media, Plant and Equipment, Sweepings and Residues from Process Labs, Buildings, Concrete Floors, Wall Coverings and Roof Spaces, Furnace Slag, Refinery Slag, Flue Dust and Sweepings, Dentistry and Medical Wastes, Jewellery Scrap, Floor Sweeps, Electronic Equipment and Specialist Components and Connectors, Raschig rings and Support Structures from Nitric Acid Plants.

Please contact LCR to discuss how we can help you to recover your lost PGMs.

Quality Materials

London Chemicals & Resources Ltd (LCR) is an international distributor, stockist and supplier of industrial inorganic chemicals. We hold several agencies and serve a global customer base both directly and via a network of local agents. LCR is committed to providing efficient service and competitive pricing to all customers.

Working closely with several producer principals around the world, quality, consistency and reliability are all important watchwords for LCR ensuring that our customers return again and again.

Raw materials are supplied for a wide range of applications including the battery, catalyst, ceramic, fertiliser, glass, plating, refinery, superalloy and other industries. Our materials are usually packed in drums or bags in accordance with UN, CLP and other applicable local and international regulations.

We deliver to our customers in quantities ranging from single bags or drums to thousands of tonnes. Transportation by air, sea, rail and truck can be arranged and all deliveries are made according to latest INCOTERMS.

Our experienced, friendly and knowledgeable staff at LCR are familiar with relevant legislation, transport procedures and documentation including REACH, SDSs and ADR.

Full Yield Industry

A Typical example of a Processor which London Chemicals & Resources Ltd (LCRL) represents is Full Yield Industry Co Ltd (FYI).

Founded in Taiwan in 1981, FYI is a pioneer in recovering metals from waste streams generated in the domestic market. Today FYI has successfully expanded into the global recycling market, achieving ISO9001 approval in 1997 and ISO14001 in 2000.

Approved by the Taiwanese government for metals recovery and treatment of waste materials, FYI is known worldwide for its involvement in this field and also for its fine chemicals and metals.

The plant uses a processing method starting with thermal treatment followed by a wet metallurgical process. The system has been designed to be environmentally friendly and, wherever possible, feed materials are 100% reprocessed. To ensure compliance with the latest environmental legislation, FYI makes regular internal plant checks, meets with EPA officials every month and also welcomes international partners to conduct audits prior to sending materials for recycling. FYI has been successfully audited by some of the world’s largest known companies in the refinery and chemical fields. They are also CHWMEG approved (globally promoting responsible waste stewardship)

Thousands of tons of materials including refinery and petrochemical spent catalysts are treated at FYI every year. Today, the material is regularly sourced from Africa, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and wherever companies have difficulty disposing of these specialised forms of waste.

FYI produces final products from the secondaries which include molybdenum, nickel, vanadium metals and salts. These are high purity raw materials and consumed in many industries, for example in the production of batteries, ceramics, fertilisers, special glass, plating, superalloys, stainless steel and many others.

Full Yield Industry Co Ltd and London Chemicals & Resources Ltd are constantly striving to grow together and develop further into this market. Enquiries are welcomed from potential partners worldwide.

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