Welcome to London Chemicals & Resources Ltd, we are a highly specialist Molybdenum stockist. We deliver to our customers in quantities ranging from single bags or drums to thousands of tonnes. Transportation by air, sea, rail and truck can be arranged and all deliveries are made according to latest INCOTERMS.

Vanadium is a hugely versatile element and the addition of small amounts of vanadium to steel offers the ability to enhance the metal making it stronger, tougher and lighter. Due to its versatility, its usage has risen significantly in recent years as the number of innovation-driven industries depending on vanadium for their operations and products continues to increase.

What is Molybdenum?

Molybdenum is a chemical element with the symbol Mo and atomic number 42. It is a silvery-white, hard, transition metal that was discovered by Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1778 and first isolated by Peter Jacob Hjelm in 1781. Molybdenum has several important properties that make it valuable in various applications. It has a high melting point (2,623 degrees Celsius), good thermal and electrical conductivity, and excellent strength at high temperatures, as well as resistance to corrosion.

Molybdenum’s uses are diverse and critical in many industries. Here are some of its key applications:

  1. Steel Alloys: Molybdenum is primarily used to make various types of steel. The addition of molybdenum improves the steel’s strength, hardness, and resistance to wear and corrosion. This makes it useful in the construction of buildings, bridges, and automobiles.
  2. Catalysts: In the chemical industry, molybdenum is used as a catalyst in the refining of petroleum. It helps remove sulfur from crude oil, which is important for producing cleaner burning fuels.
  3. Electronics: Molybdenum is used in the electronics industry for the production of semiconductors. It is used as a conductive material in thin films and as a component in the fabrication of transistors.
  4. High-temperature Environments: Due to its high melting point and strength, molybdenum is also used in parts that must withstand intense heat, such as furnace heating elements, jet engine parts, and industrial gas turbines.
  5. Lubricants: Molybdenum disulfide is a common lubricant, especially in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. It is used in automotive lubricants to enhance the performance and longevity of vehicle engines.
  6. Agriculture: Molybdenum is an essential trace element used in fertilizers to support plant growth, especially in crops that are sensitive to molybdenum-deficient soils.

These varied uses demonstrate molybdenum’s versatility and its critical role in modern technology and industry. Its properties enable it to perform in conditions that many other metals cannot, making it an invaluable material in advanced engineering and manufacturing.

Working Across The Globe

London Chemicals & Resources Ltd (LCR) is an international distributor, stockist and supplier of industrial inorganic chemicals. We hold several agencies and serve a global customer base both directly and via a network of local agents. LCR is committed to providing efficient service and competitive pricing to all customers.

Working closely with several producer principals around the world, quality, consistency and reliability are all important watchwords for LCR ensuring that our customers return again and again.

Raw materials are supplied for a wide range of applications including the battery, catalyst, ceramic, fertiliser, glass, plating, refinery, superalloy and other industries. Our materials are usually packed in drums or bags in accordance with UN, CLP and other applicable local and international regulations.

Versatile Deliveries

Our experienced, friendly and knowledgeable staff at LCR are familiar with relevant legislation, transport procedures and documentation including REACH, SDSs and ADR.

To view our safety data sheet relating to vanadium pentoxide powder, please click here.

Who Are We?

London Chemicals & Resources Ltd (LCR) operates globally, processing non-ferrous metal-containing secondaries and distributing a range of metal salts and alloys which, in many cases, are recycled from these secondaries.

We hold exclusive agencies from Full Yield Industry Co Limited based in Taiwan and AGR-CR based in Spain. LCR source more than 90% of the spent catalysts and other feedstocks processed at Full Yield and represent them exclusively for sales of vanadium, molybdenum and nickel chemicals.

We also represent a completely new processing plant; AGR-CR treating spent catalysts and other secondaries and scheduled to start commercial operations in Q1, 2020. LCR offers commercially competitive recycling options with an emphasis on environmentally sound management. Our experienced, friendly and knowledgeable staff are familiar with relevant legislation, transport procedures and documentation including trans-frontier notifications; REACH, SDSs and ADR. Quality, consistency and reliability are all important watchwords for LCR ensuring that our customers return again and again.

We are regularly purchasing and recycling secondaries containing cobalt, copper, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten, vanadium and zinc found typically in boiler ashes and slags, catalysts spent – unused or out of date, drosses, dusts, filter cakes, furnace dust, galvanic solution residues, grindings and grinding sludges, metallics, shavings, metal powders, picking solutions, plating sludges, production wastes, residues, skimmings, sludges, wastewater treatment residues.

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