LCR has established an office in Mumbai in order to develop our business in this strategically important and growing region. The office is responsible for managing sales and sourcing within the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. All contracts, invoices and other relevant documentation will be issued by the London office directly to suppliers and consumers, with the Mumbai office helping to ensure successful outcomes on each transaction.

The office is managed by Mr Chandrahas Chaudhary who can be reached at the contact details below. With more than 15 years’ successful experience in dealing with metals and secondaries of all types, Mr Chaudhary closely supports our customers and is well informed of local regulations, laws and all other aspects concerning this complex marketplace. The office is involved with sourcing and supplying secondaries, chemicals, concentrates and alloys as well as reclamation and recycling throughout the region. Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.

Please contact us if you require an agent for your relevant materials to be sold into or purchased from this area. LCR has the expertise to assist with all logistics, regulatory aspects, finance and other areas.

Contact: Mr Chandrahas Chaudhary
Tel: +91 99670 25050