A Typical example of a Processor which London Chemicals & Resources Ltd (LCRL) represents is Full Yield Industry Co Ltd (FYI).

Founded in Taiwan in 1981, FYI is a pioneer in recovering metals from waste streams generated in the domestic market. Today FYI has successfully expanded into the global recycling market, achieving ISO9001 approval in 1997 and ISO14001 in 2000.

Approved by the Taiwanese government for metals recovery and treatment of waste materials, FYI is known worldwide for its involvement in this field and also for its fine chemicals and metals.

The plant uses a processing method starting with thermal treatment followed by a wet metallurgical process. The system has been designed to be environmentally friendly and, wherever possible, feed materials are 100% reprocessed. To ensure compliance with the latest environmental legislation, FYI makes regular internal plant checks, meets with EPA officials every month and also welcomes international partners to conduct audits prior to sending materials for recycling. FYI has been successfully audited by some of the world’s largest known companies in the refinery and chemical fields. They are also CHWMEG approved (globally promoting responsible waste stewardship) www.chwmeg.org.

Thousands of tons of materials including refinery and petrochemical spent catalysts are treated at FYI every year. Today, material is regularly sourced from Africa, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and wherever companies have difficulty disposing of these specialised forms of waste.

FYI produces final products from the secondaries which include molybdenum, nickel, and vanadium metals and salts. These are high purity raw materials and consumed in many industries, for example in the production of batteries, ceramics, fertilisers, special glass, plating, super alloys, stainless steels and many others.

Full Yield Industry Co Ltd and London Chemicals & Resources Ltd are constantly striving to grow together and develop further into this market. Enquiries are welcomed from potential partners worldwide.