Quality Materials

London Chemicals & Resources Ltd (LCR) is an international distributor, stockist and supplier of industrial inorganic Chemicals. We hold several agencies and serve a global customer base both directly and via a network of local agents. LCR is committed to providing efficient service and competitive pricing to all customers.

Working closely with several producer principals around the world, quality, consistency and reliability are all important watchwords for LCR ensuring that our customers return again and again.

Raw materials are supplied for a wide range of applications including the battery, catalyst, ceramic, fertiliser, glass, plating, refinery, superalloy and other industries. Our materials are usually packed in drums or bags in accordance with UN, CLP and other applicable local and international regulations.

We deliver to our customers in quantities ranging from single bags or drums to thousands of tonnes. Transportation by air, sea, rail and truck can be arranged and all deliveries are made according to latest INCOTERMS.

Our experienced, friendly and knowledgeable staff at LCR are familiar with relevant legislation, transport procedures and documentation including REACH, SDSs and ADR.

LCR’s range includes inorganic chemicals, minerals
and noble ferro-alloys

The following are some of our key items:


Cobalt Acetate
Cobalt Oxide
Cobalt Sulphate
Cobalt Hydroxide
Cobalt Manganese Acetate
Cobalt Manganese Bromide


Ammonium Dimolybdate
Ammonium Heptamolybdate
Molybdenum Trioxide
Molybdic Acid
Sodium Molybdate


Nickel Carbonate
Nickel Oxide
Nickel Sulphamate
Nickel Sulphate


Potassium Carbonate
Potassium Hydroxide


Sodium Tungstate
Calcium Tungstate
Tungsten Trioxide


Ammonium Metavanadate
Potassium Metavanadate
Potassium Orthovanadate
Vanadium Pentoxide Powder
Vanadyl Sulphate