Catalyst Manufacturing Company UK

LCR provides customised recycling solutions to the generators of spent catalysts arising from Oil Refining and Petrochemical and Chemical Industries. As the leading catalyst manufacturing company in the UK, it is our aim to offer commercially competitive recycling options with an emphasis on environmentally sound management including assistance with notification procedures.

We are partnered with fully-licensed recycling facilities in Europe and the Far East. The spent catalysts are recycled and used to produce high-quality metal salts for final applications, including new catalyst manufacture, pigments and CO2 removal processes.

A Strategic Move

Catalyst Manufacturing Company UK

In 2009, the company began a strategic move upstream, employing specialised staff and expanding to deal more with metal-containing secondaries, particularly spent catalysts.

We joined the Chemical Business Association in 2011 and committed ourselves to the Responsible Care program in 2012. In 2015 with our continuing development into the field of secondaries, we obtained UK registration as a waste broker and dealer.

Continued Development

In the following years, LCR continued to develop and grow – further increasing staffing levels and turnover – and in 2016 was officially recognised by the London Stock Exchange as a “Company to Inspire Britain”. In 2018 we became members of the Bureau of International Recycling to complement our involvement in the field of secondaries and pave the way for future progress and growth.

Creating Elegant Recycling Loops

Today, our business encompasses a range of metallurgical and chemical raw materials, by-products, residues and spent catalysts for downstream use, reclamation and recycling. LCR creates elegant recycling loops – buying back fully processed chemicals and metals from companies we have supplied with secondaries. These are resold to industry worldwide to restart the loop.

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