New partnership with AGR S.A.

London Chemicals & Resources Limited (LCR) is proud to announce its partnership with AGR S.A. in a new spent catalyst processing facility AGR Catalyst Recovery (AGR-CR). This new facility already has licenses and permits in place and is located in Logrezana, between Aviles and Gijón in the Principality of Asturias in northern Spain, the administrative and commercial centre for the region.

Building and construction work commenced in 2018 and the company was officially launched in 2020. We utilise the latest technology for processing spent catalysts, originating mainly from the European oil and gas industry, which are finally recycled to produce chemicals and ferro-alloys and returned to industry. London Chemicals & Resources Ltd are proud that AGR-CR will create many new jobs for the local community over the coming years.

At full capacity, the facility will be roasting many thousands of tonnes per year of spent catalyst arising from catalytic processes such as hydrodesulfurization (HDS), hydrodemetallization (HDM) and hydrocracking (HC). These spent catalysts include VMoNi, NiMo, CoMo and NiW.

London Chemicals & Resources Ltd (LCR) was founded in 2005 and has extensive experience within the recycling industry. LCR’s global business encompasses a range of metallurgical and chemical raw materials, by-products, residues and spent catalysts for downstream use including reclamation and recycling.

LCR is registered for brokerage of waste, members of the Chemical Business Association and committed to the Responsible Care program. The company has ISO 9001 approval and became members of the Bureau of International Recycling to complement their involvement in the field of secondaries and pave the way for future progress and growth. LCR has been recognised by the London Stock Exchange as a “Company to Inspire Britain” and featured in the 2020 Financial Times’ top 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe.

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